Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Spidermen of Menara Pehin Setia Raja

The Spidermen of Menara Pehin Setia Raja is in action again this week, making sure the glass panels around the building are clean all year round. Clean and it will look good from the outside and sure will provide a clean view of Mukah town from the inside.

It's not an easy job if you're not good at 'hanging around'. These guys are good. According to one of the 'spiderman' that I met, cleaning the whole 12 floors of MPSR without weather 'interruption' will take around 2 - 3 weeks.

The 'spidermen' in action at the 10th Floor

Another view from above

Column by column ...

That's half-way down


Equipment check before another trip up

Posing for the camera while getting a more comfortable lift up in the lift.
Thank you, guys

These are the guys who exposed themselves to the daily heat of the day and even to danger but we seldom pay any attention. So this posting is dedicated to the window cleaners of Menara Pehin Setia Raja, Mukah.

Salute you all, guys. Keep up the good job cos when the building shines, you will shine too.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Apak

Today, May 21st 2009 - is your birthday.

Happy Birthday, Apak.

Thinking of you & loving you always.

From : PPS, Mum, Toy, Aby, Joy & Ian

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 13th ...1Malaysia

Woke up early this morning and the date today looks very familiar, 13th May. Today, May 13th 2009 - nothing big, nothing special (although everyday is big and special in its own way) but just another day, another Wednesday of the week.

But the date has some 'old story' to tell if we bring it back to 1969. May 13th 1969 - a date some of us may want to forget or maybe some want to treasure, depending on how we look at it. Everything happen for a reason, and so is May 13th 1969. I was 10 years old then, so I don't really have any first hand knowledge about it. Through reading, it sounds 'bad' and definitely 'not interesting' to the naturally multi-racial Malaysia.

So on this day, as much as we treasured other 'big' days such as the New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Nurses' Day and many more to come, May 13th 1969 may be remembered as the main ingredient to 1Malaysia, the Malaysia that should have been. A 'Malaysia' where everybody is proud to call themselves Malaysians.

May 13th 1969 - a price paid for a lesson. 1Malaysia - a sacrifice need to be made.

Proud to be Malaysian. Peace.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Favourite Number

May 3 2009, my Kembara reached my favourite number(s) - 22222 followed by 22259 during my 7-hour drive from Sri Aman to Mukah.

Number 2 is my all-time favourite. I was born in February which is the 2nd month of the year, on the 22nd day, in 1959 which makes it 22259.

And in Mukah, B22 is my new 'home'. B is also the 2nd alphabet.

Number 2 also means that Number 1 is just a step away. So, that keeps the engine running, to get closer to No. 1, which is HIM, the all-time No. 1. Peace...