Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 - Where Am I Going?

It's a week into 2010 and the feeling is great so far. Thanks to all those New Year Greetings from relatives and friends for the past couple of weeks, really appreciate them all. Hopefully they are feeling great too for the past first week and for the next 51 weeks ahead. I'm sure we all have our own plan for direction to go about the New Year. Same old road, venturing new road, rough road, highway or even no road at all. Whatever it is, there must be a decision to choose one.

For me, where am I going? Year 2009 has been putting me on the crossroad for quite sometime and it doesn't feel good just watching people passing by. Uncertain about the situation. Unable to understand myself. Not good at all.

And now it's 2010. I'm taking a deep breath, closing my eyes, emptying my mind, focusing on my direction. One thing at a time, I'll take the rule of the road - it's like starting my trip in a car. God bless, from there onward, I'll be on the road again at the right speed. And most important for 2010, I'll be a BATMAN!