Wednesday, August 26, 2009

On & Off August

August is moving towards the end and Malaysia's National Day will roll up the month, although there was no MALAYSIA yet on August 31st 1957 until some years later on a different date. That I leave it open. And this posting is just to recall some dates around August which I would like to keep records on.

Haze, drought and bush fires dragged into August from July until rain cleared the skies of Sarawak a week in, and Mukah got the big share from the cloud-seeding (is it?) on August 11th. What a relief for everybody. But it looks like we should be preparing for the wet days, I mean very wet days now. Flood? Oh no, not again, please. Soft landing, please! Whatever, go to be ready.

August 16th 2009 was the 32nd anniversary of the King of Rock n Roll's death, who died mysteriously at 42 in his home at Graceland, Memphis. Love his songs, especially on live concerts. Elvis Aaron Presley is Always On My Mind, though his death caused some Suspicious Mind among someone in the Heartbreak Hotel on Blue Suede Shoes, doing the Jailhouse Rock....and many, many more!

August 16th is also a big day for my Yummy Yummy. It's her birthday. Happy Birthday, my dear. Don't mind to tell me how old (young) you are? Still a secret....hmmm, okay. A year older, a year wiser and richer, too. Start to have silver in our hair, gold in our teeth, an extra pair of eyes and so on.

Come August 22nd. Number 22, my favourite huh. That's my second son, Arthur-Garret's birthday, 22 years old. Second of the Fantastic Four, no girls team. Happy Birthday, young man.

The fasting month for our Muslim friends started on the same day and so is the Bazaar Ramadhan. Time to share the spirit of 1Malaysia. See you there. Selamat Berpuasa to our Muslim friends.

Wow, school holiday is here, too. Holiday time for our kids till August 31st. But not so holiday for my 3rd boy, Eugene who will be having his SPM examination soon. Study smart and good luck, son.

Winding up August will be the National Day. No big do. Fasting month, H1N1 will put the celebration on a much smaller scale but hopefully with the same level of 1Malaysia feeling.

Happy Merdeka Month and Happy Merdeka Day, friends.