Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pameran Pembangunan 45 Tahun Sarawak Maju Dalam Malaysia

The 'Pameran Pembangunan 45 Tahun Sarawak Maju Dalam Malaysia', both state and divisional level will be held at the Dewan Suarah Mukah from the 1st - 14th March 2009. Most government and private agencies around Mukah Division took part and today, Feb 28, everybody is busy with the preparation, with some will probably go into the night. The exhibition, which will be officiated by YB Dato' Sri Dr. Muhammad Leo Toyad, MP for P.213 Mukah at 9.30 am on March 1, will be open to public from 10 am - 5 pm (Mon - Fri) and 10 am - 8 pm (Sat - Sun).

The publicity is on .....

The preparation is on .....

And so is my office.....

So see you there at the Dewan Suarah Mukah. Bring along your whole family to experience the past, present and future of Sarawak.

Updates - March 1 2009 :

As scheduled, the exhibition was officiated by YB Dato' Sri Muhammad Leo Toyad, MP for P.213 Mukah at 9.30 am today, despite the heavy downpour in the early morning. In his speech, YB Dato' Sri Leo hoped that this exhibition will be the source of positive information to the public about the development in the State. He called upon the grass-root leaders to assist in explaining to the people about the development policies undertaken by the government to provide prosperiety for them.

YB Dato' Sri Muhammad Leo Toyad (centre) with YB Encik Abu Seman Jahwie, ADUN N.38 Jemoreng, Encik Dahim Nadot of SIMU, Mukah Resident Tuan Hj. Abdullah Jamil and Mukah District Officer Encik Mohamad Nawawi

YB Dato' Sri Leo officiating the exhibition

Stressing a point at the Matu District map on display during his visit around the exhibition

Beside the exhibition, Mukah is also celebrating its 7th year being the 10th Division of Sarawak today. Though only in the 'primary school age', much expectation is ahead for Mukah Division to SCORE its goals in the development corridor of Sarawak.


While everybody is busy with the exhibition and birthday celebration, Matu-Daro stall is already making some good business with its unique handy crafts and traditional biscuits put on for sale. So drop by and you may find something interesting to bring back.

Matu - Daro stall - open for business

To see more of the exhibition, you need to come over and see it for yourself cos SEEING IS BELIEVING.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Being Fifty Plus

As days goes on in my Big 50, I feel as if I'm a member of a new club, feeling so junior in the senior age group. But when I look around at the younger ones, the feeling of care and responsibility grows deeper. They need our guidance as much as we need their presence to help make a better world for their children who are our grandchildren, so on and on.

A better world starts here, with you and me having our own role to play. No owner's manual to start with, no checklist to refer to. It's just what you think is right and good for the world. We will be like an umbrella, coming in different sizes, designs and colors but with one reason - TO PROTECT.

Thank you, my loving wife - Mariam, my wonderful boys - Victor, Arthur-Garret, Eugene & Mark Ian for being my best friends.

Thank you, Mr. Galvin Martin & family for the nice book and kind thoughts on the day. God Bless you all.

And of course, thank you, my old and new friends on the blog.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Being Fifty @ 50

Fifty or 50. What’s so special about being 50? The feeling is special. Indeed the number 50 is special. 50 is the passing mark for most examinations. 50% discount is everybody’s favorite in the shopping mall. 50-50 is probably the fairest deal we can offer. And so is being 50 years of age a.k.a. 50 years OLD. Some may have grandchildren to play with or at least children old enough to be treated as buddies.

The feeling of being 50 is great. It’s like being in the middle of somewhere. We have seen the first half and now it’s about looking forward to the next half. The first half was all about strategy, plans and dreams for the next half. So the next half will be looking forward for the reality of those strategy, plans and dreams.

If life begins at 40, reality begins at 50 which means there has been 10 years of actions. Success, achievements and progress will be seen thereon, maybe at different level to everyone. There will be no failure cos nobody will fail. Some hiccups along the way is just part of the process toward success. Success and achievement may come early to some but maybe a little bit late to others, so there will be no failure.

Looking back at the earlier days, I don’t have many photos to share. Actually I was photo-phobia before school days. I used to hide when I see people taking photos. And of course, camera was something very rare then.

Very serious and camera-phobia look!! Somewhere in the early 1960s

1972 - Now this guy is posing for the camera.

Taken in Kuching before leaving for Semanjung for my secondary education

under the sponsorship of Sarawak Foundation.

1977 - Taken in Perak for the school magazine, Krisakti of SMK Hamid Khan, Tapah.

Life is like driving. We need to look back before moving forward and to know where we are heading to. Looking back at the past will put back all the determination to move further.

For me that's 50 years of experiences and lessons needed to keep me going.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Good, The Bad & The Media

No news is good news. That's what people used to say. But what about too much news? Lately, there has been too much news, especially on the current political tug-of-war. It’s not surprising in our present political scenario. Maybe it’s a culture shock among the players. Never mind about that, that’s the political game. In fact, that’s what politic is all about, maybe. I’m not a politician in anyway and I don’t intend to write about it any further. Let’s best leave it to the politician who knows better.

But what’s bothering me is the media and the way they filled up their daily news updates. I am a regular viewer of our TV news, from as early as the TV3's Buletin Pagi at 7 am, NTV7's Edisi 7 at 7 pm and later the TV3's Buletin Utama at 8 pm, sometimes jumping channels with the other providers, not to miss anything. Other times, I have to drag on to the midnight updates when I missed the prime time.

But nowadays, news on TV is not bringing news. News is supposed to be educating, informative and entertaining as well. News is about something happening in the North, East, West & South. That's why they called it NEWS. But since the political ‘tsunami’ that hit the last general election, news had not play their role to bring real news that contributes towards harmony and stability, especially for a multi-racial Malaysia. There's nothing wrong being pro-government but without a peaceful and stable society, there will be nothing at all.

Whenever something happens, news should report on the who, what, where, when, why and how they happen That’s what people want to know. Judgment is our personal rights. More often now, news is chasing here and there for comments from individuals and put it into the news, putting the issue on public trial. And so are the ‘peaceful’ demonstrations. The more the news chase after them, the more interesting it will be to them and more ‘peaceful’ demonstration will be organized. It's like putting fuel onto fire. Our leaders often say, demonstration is not the Malaysian way of expressing our feelings, be it peaceful or not. But it's on the news every now and then.

We must realize that TV news is the most influencing media to the public. It doesn’t matter whether the viewer is illiterate, young or old. The picture speaks a thousand words. And that thousand words is dangerous cos all the thousand words may go into the wrong interpretation. Harmony and stability is at stake. Hatred may see its way into the hearts of peace-loving Malaysians. Harmony and stability should be at our utmost concerned.

Chasing for public opinion and comment is nothing wrong but what to and what not to put on the news is most important. Putting just any public comment, raw into the news may sound unpleasant to others. If somebody did something earlier, it’s not necessary that it must be hit back and put to court in the media. We are smart Malaysian of sound mind. Of course, nobody likes to be hit in the head and not hitting back. People say that’s coward. But when harmony and stability is at stake, revenge is not the best answer. Our court of law is well sufficient to take care of these ‘crimes’, so leave it to the authority.

It's okay that we have the good and the bad, but not the UGLY. God Bless Malaysia.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Since flood hit Matu for the past weeks, there has been not much weekend or it does not feel like weekend at all. Time flies fast though water flows slow. But the clear sky above for the past 4 days is a good sign of better days ahead. Yesterday, Feb 8 was no exception. I made some visit around the areas with YB Abu Seman Jahwie and things seems to be getting better. The visit was just routine but it ended with a pleasant surprise for me. I got two nice books from YB Abu Seman - The Art of POSITIVE THINKING and LEADING IN A CULTURE OF CHANGE. What a coincidence, 'A believer in positive thinking' presented with The Art of POSITIVE THINKING. I've been unable to visit good bookstores lately where I used to, at least, grab one book a month. So yesterday, it was very well compensated with two good books. Thank you, YB.

Here's something from the Author's Preface of 'The Art of POSITIVE THINKING'.

... Man is a living being endowed with a mind, and thinking is a function of the mind.....

...The body and the mind are intimately connected with each other. The body influences the mind and is in turn influenced by the mind. However, the mind affects the body much more. A study of the mutual interdependence of the body and the mind reveals that when a man's thinking is positive and constructive, his body too keeps in perfect condition...

... Constructive thinking helps in bettering social and human relations and the path of development and progress is cleared thereby...

So next time when you think, THINK AGAIN. Make sure it's positive and see the wonders it can do.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Matu Flood - Views From Above

It's the 10th day today, Feb 7 and water level has subsides, though at snail-pace. Fine weather since yesterday has brought down the level an inch a day! And fine weather yesterday has also given me a helicopter view of the situation with Mukah Resident, Tuan Hj. Abdullah Jamil, courtesy of YB Datuk Abdul Wahab Hj. Dollah, Member of Parliament for P207 Igan who was on his flood visit here.

So here's some views of the situation on Feb 6. Though water level has subsides, most areas are still surrounded by water, at 1 - 2 feet above road level so boats is still the way of the day in the affected areas.

Matu Bazaar - all roads still under water

The government quarters and office area. The Clinic, Agriculture office and
Pos Malaysia are only accessible by boat. The District Office is on the top left.

Kampung Bawang

Another section of Kampung Bawang

Kampung Jemoreng

Another affected area - Kampung Air ?????

SK Orang Kaya Sergunim.
Hoping that the situation will be back to normal soon and our children
will be back to catch up what they have missed for the past week(s).