Friday, July 17, 2009

The Green Team Of Menara Pehin Setia Raja

I called them the Green Team of Menara Pehin Setia Raja, Mukah. They take care of the cleanliness of Menara Pehin Setia Raja; mop, sweep, shine and wash the toilets, corridors, lifts, staircase etc. They started early morning, before you and I come to office and continues again at noon break, everyday. They may not be 'hanging around' like the 'spidermen' but when you walk along a clean and shiny corridor, lift or a clean and 'friendly' toilets in the Menara Pehin Setia Raja, you know they are around.

A sign of the Green Team in action

Right down to the drains ... together as a team

One for the camera. Thank you, Green Team for keeping the building clean and 'green'.

Just imagine the building without them, hmmmm...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

To Smoke Or Not To Smoke

Smoking, who doesn't know what's smoking. Cigarettes, cigars, pipes etc. Some likes it, some don't. Some smoke for peace (smoke peace pipe, no war!!) or some maybe for real peace of mind. Some may just smoke for fun (at least that's what they say). For whatever reason, they still produce smokes. For peace, for real or for fun, there's still smokes in the air.

While some enjoy smoking (especially after meal - considered compulsory), someone somewhere is struggling to stop. And so the 'war' is on.

Quit Campaign

There's nothing wrong with smoking, anyway. Hazardous to health, pollution are some common 'warning' about smoking. The 'Tak Nak' campaign and then the 'scary' (is it?) pictures on the cigarette packets are some reminders to smokers about the 'not so good side' of smoking. So the authorities have done part to help smokers stop smoking. Some will, some will try, some will put it on their next year's 'azam' and some will never will unless a medical adviser say so.

I Quit, My Way

I was once a smoker myself, very much committed to it for 10 years. (whole of the 1980s) Tried to quit on numerous occasion but will only last for a week or even a month or two and then there it comes again. But 23rd December 1989 made the difference. Enjoying my cigarette alone in the office, I suddenly have this 'silly' idea of comparing the similarities between cigarette smokes and the smoke from rubbish burning. Of course the smoke from the rubbish fire will be the unlucky one. Nobody likes it - dirty, smelly etc. That 'silly' idea has made myself in a 'silly' situation - hating the other and enjoying another. Without finishing that last stick, off it goes and so is the rest of its balance in the packet. Damn easy, no substitute, no nothing - just me and that 'silly' idea and never look back.

The Secret a.k.a. The Strength

Yes, never looking back. I never look back at smoking by looking forward at freedom. Freedom is what everybody wants. Smoking has robbed me of all those freedom that I should have enjoyed. I don't smoke in front of my kids - that's at least five minutes less time with them each stick. We can't smoke in the office, in meetings or other public places - so we have to 'hide' somewhere to recharge. Going out of stock at times we really need one will turn us crazy. We willingly become loyal to the habit - sacrificing freedom.

After almost 20 years of non-smoking days and nights, freedom is my strength. Look at what freedom means to us, appreciate it, enjoy it. But if you still enjoy smoking, just go on. If otherwise, think of the FREEDOM that you will enjoy. I'm not campaigning for any side but just to share some experience....with both side.